Friday, April 27, 2012


We cannot tell you how happy we are to find out that the Terror Ride mural at our local amusement park was NOT painted over! We talked a bit about this mural in Episode 3 and it looks like we're not the only ones who love it! One guy actually contacted Lagoon (the amusement park) and asked what the hell happened to it. He received a phone call from Lagoon's marketing department that told him they have it hanging in one of their main offices at the park. Ryan did a little research on the mural and not only found out that it had been saved, but found some sweet pictures as well!
Check out the detailed pic of the mural HERE.


Mark Englert's The Thing Poster

I saw this poster a few months ago when it was initially shared on the Inside The Rock Poster Frame blog, but they've just posted more detailed pictures of it. This poster is OUTSTANDING. Especially with the glow-in-the-dark ink!

Check it out!


Sorry, everyone. I know it's been quite a while since we've recorded a show or even updated the blog. What can I say? Life just got in the way. Ryan & I finally found a bit of time to get episode 3 recorded and posted and we both had a blast doing it. We had a problem with the first file of ep. 3 that we posted on Libsyn (it was totally silent), but we have it squared away and the episode is now available HERE. I'm not sure when the repaired file will be up on iTunes, but I know it works at the direct download link, so listen there.

I've also re-posted ep.1 on our Libsyn site as well for those of you that are new to the podcast and would like to hear the introductory episode.

Now, back to the newest episode-- we received a fantastic email from our pal John with his list of his favorite horror films and wicked music. We really enjoyed the discussion about his list and hope you do too! Please, please, please email us with your lists, music, or whatever else and take part in the conversation. As we said in the first episode; this is really a community podcast for all of us and we want you to be part of the show and contribute your own thoughts. It makes it a hell of a lot of fun for all!

After we talk about John's lists, we move on to discuss Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed and The Devil Rides Out. Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing film? Does it get more Hammer than that?

Go take a listen and sound off here or email us at Cryptofthemacabre atgmaildotcom (that's how I spell it so we don't get a bunch of spam, right?)

Isn't that poster of Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed rad?