Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get Ready...

Ryan and I met up for lunch today at one of our favorite Mexican dives located right next to one of our oldest local comic shops. We talked a bit about Christmas and our families, but as always, the discussion eventually ended up with us talking about music, comics, and horror movies. Oh, and how much Ryan dislikes Sammy Hagar's music (you'd be surprised at how much that comes up, actually).

Anyway, we discussed when we want to get together to record episode 2 and I thought I'd post something to remind everybody to watch The Blood On Satan's Claw and The Mummy. More importantly, send us some email so we can discuss your comments about the films during the podcast!

If you're having a tough time finding The Blood on Satan's Claw, send us an email and let us know. The DVD is available in the UK on Amazon for pretty cheap, but we have a tough time finding a region 1 copy in the states. The Mummy is really easy to get a hold of and is only like $5 on Amazon. I'm actually going to order it tomorrow and all of you are invited to watch it with me. I'm serious.

Also, Ryan came across a fantastic British horror fan blog yesterday called But We're British! and I thought you'd all enjoy reading some of the reviews. Check it out and let Andy (Winward, not Bloor) know what you think. Well, let Andy Bloor know what you think too. About anything. Andy just loves getting email (Bloor, not Winward).

Cheers, Andy!

That's it then. Do your homework and we hope to hear from you soon!


  1. I've Just come across your blog this morning and your comment about my blog. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Thanks for reading.


  2. Sure thing, Andy! Keep up the great work.