Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here it is! Episode 5. We've got a new microphone, a bunch of candy, and some tasty new beverages from Arizona Beverage Company. They should sponsor us.

We begin the episode with some chit-chat and then quickly move to Eric's all Cushing top 10 list. Pretty damn impressive! Thanks again, Eric! We then move on to discuss our movie reviews; Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter, Frankenstein Created Woman, and then Night of The Demon for our special segment.

It was a damn good night and a lot of fun to get together and talk horror films. We hope you enjoy it!

Make sure to write in with your top 10 lists or whatever you'd like to share with us and the other listeners. We'll make sure and read your email!


  1. I think the crucial thing this post is missing is a link to the actual episode :p

  2. In the words of the late, great Harvey Dent: You either die a pussy or live long enough to see yourself become a dick.